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Kahiko Ukulele

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Kahiko means an ancient hula composed prior to 1894, with is the most original form of hula dance performed by Polynesian in Hawaii. Originally, Kahiko is used to honor God or to praise chiefs so it requires more energy preservation and power to act as a connection to ancient Hawaii. In nowadays, Hula Kahiko is simply stated as “traditional hula”. Kahiko Ukulele aims to preserve tradition and bring joy to the next generation. 
The idea of crafting high quality, innovative Ukulele for musicians are formed 25 years ago when the owner of Kahiko Ukulele traveled to the Namm Show and discovered how expensive this “small guitar” was and he then decided to built ukulele that is affordable and playable. Once he traveled back home, he talked with all his luthiers about this idea and they decided expand their product line from classical guitar to ukulele as well. 
Kahiko Ukulele is a professional orchestra used ukulele, range from sopranissimo (16 inches), Soprano (21 inches), Concert (23 inches), Tenor (26 inches), Baritone(30 inches), to Guitalele (1/4 Guitar), suitable for beginners to professionals. The traditional instrument is handcrafted by luthiers with over 20 years craftsmanship experience and under the guidance of first and second generation striking to improve every series they make. Craftsmanship is all about doing what we love and doing it right and with continuously innovation. We love music and we hope everyone can enjoy the music played by Kahiko Ukulele.

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Durability. Excellence. Quality.

Dacapo Music has been selling Guitars & Basses and musical equipment since 2000. In order to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, we’ve been making sure our stock is always full of the best quality and most popular Guitars & Basses. Looking for something in particular and can’t find it on our site? Contact us and we’ll be happy to locate it for you.

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We believe in form and functionality, offering competitive pricing and our satisfaction guarantee on our entire selection of gig bags. If you have any questions about our collection of gig bags or any of our other products, one of our experienced team members is always happy to help.

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