• A gorgeous display of abalone inlays to recreate the vibe of the Vineyard. Vine abalone inlay on ebony from head stock to fingerboard to rosette plus ebony beveled edge to maximize the comfort of the elbow. The colorful shiny abalone perfectly captures not only the color of the vine and leaves but also the reflection of the sunlight on morning dew. This gorgeous classy ukulele comes in all solid Koa or a choice of solid spruce top and koa back and side.


    • Specifications:

      ⁃ Classic Kahiko Headstock with abalone inlays and ebony headplate

      ⁃ Japan Gotoh 1:16 ratio machine head

      ⁃ High Gloss Finish on body, Matte finish on the neck

      ⁃ Ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays

      ⁃ Solid Koa front, back and side Abalone binding

      ⁃ Japan Worth string brown fluorocarbon

      ⁃ Beveled edge for comfort playing

    • Size:

      ⁃ Tenor

    • Note:

      Specification subjected to change without prior notice.

      ⁃ Photo for demonstration purpose only.

      ⁃ Each ukulele would have unique wood grain, curl and color.