• The hourglass series is our 2019 limited edition ukulele. Notes start, Notes end. Life is limited, time is finite, but the music you can make is infinite.If 100 people play, there are 100 types of music. Music is boundless. Let’s immerse in the passage of music. The hourglass series comes with two ebony strip added to the waist of the body resembles the figure of the hourglass. This series comes with Ziricote and Cocobolo. 



    • Specifications:

      ⁃ Limited edition

      ⁃ ​Timeless journey of ukulele

      ⁃ Exotic choice of wood

      ⁃ Zirocote top, side, and back

      ⁃ Beveled edge for comfort playing

    • Size:

      ⁃ Tenor

    • Note:

      Specification subjected to change without prior notice.

      ⁃ Photo for demonstration purpose only.

      ⁃ Each ukulele would have unique wood grain, curl and color.