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Waltz Series

This series is inspired by the song “Waltz the flower” written by Python llyich Tchaikovshy. When listening to the song and close my eyes, I can picture a gentlemen is bowing before an elegant lady. The gentlemen kindly take her hands and walk out onto the dance floor and start dancing waltz. The “Lady”
wearing a crispy white button-down blouse tucked into a black shirt and the “Gentleman” wearing simple but fancy black tailcoat and pants with a white bow tie. The Vienna Waltz Series have two ukuleles, “Ladies” model with solid Spruce top and solid Indian Rosewood back and side and “Gents” model with solid Indian Rosewood top, sides, back. Both models with a 90 degree cutaway, resemblance of the way ladies and gents holding hands while dancing the
waltz. This elegant cutaway is perfect for players who master at the finger style, since the cutaway gives your hand extra rooms to reach the high notes.

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